Why I think photos of "early morning preparations" are a must.

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

You'll see listed in many photographers wedding packages "early morning preparations" and with the "half-day" options at almost half the price, you may be wondering, is it really worth it? Well, I'm about to tell you all the reasons why the early morning preparations are probably my favourite time of day. 1.The excitement in the air! With bridesmaids and groomsmen buzzing about their soon to be wed loved one the excitement is palpable and that energy photographs so well! I get some of my favourite candid shots at this time of day and I'm sure you won't want to forget these tender moments either.

2. All the small things So much care and consideration has been put into your wedding, from the bespoke bouquets to the vintage garter gifted by a friend. Your big day really is made up of a hundred tiny details. The early morning prep time is a great opportunity to take stock of the small things before we all get swept up in the activities of the day and all that careful planning feels like a lifetime ago.

3. Hair and Ma