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How to choose a wedding photographer.

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

When planning your wedding you face many decisions, from what weight of paper the invitations should be on, to where in the seating plan to fit great aunty Marge. Unfortunately I can't help you with the answer to either of those conundrums. However, with my quick and easy 4 step guide I can help you decide how to choose the right wedding photographer for you. 1. What kind of "look" do you like? Photographers are usually pretty flexible in what they can offer you but they do tend to have a particular style; from the angles they like to use, the poses they choose, to the way they use the light and their editing process. Take a look at the wedding pictures of people you know, or even just take a gander on Pinterest and you will see they vary a lot! Once you have decided on the aesthetic for you, you will be able to eliminate a lot of candidates just by looking at their portfolios. 2. How would you like to spend your day? Having photos taken can be a very time-consuming part of your day. If you know you want a lot of staged photos with big groups of guests and props then go for a photographer who already has a lot of these kinds of images their portfolio, that way they will know how to direct these quickly and efficiently to allow you and your guests to return to the party asap. If you're looking for more of a no-fuss approach then look for a photographer with lots of natural non posed snaps of guests interacting a smiling. This means they are particularly good at hanging back and getting those candid shots, and best of all your guests will barely know they are there. Of course, you can always find that happy medium too. 3. Will you enjoy sharing your day with this person?

You will be spending a lot of time with your chosen photographer on your special day, so make sure you are compatible before you book. Meet up with the photographer in person so you can get to know them before you sign any contracts. As an added bonus, if you can find someone that comes family/friend recommended then you are most likely going to get on with them too! Side note: when you've found the photographer that is right for you, it's always a good idea to ask for an engagement shoot. This will give you chance to gain that extra bit of familiarity with your photographer (your pictures will always look better if you are relaxed in their company), practice posing as a couple and just get used to having the camera pointed at you. 4. Do a little digging.

You'll want to do a quick check that your photographer is as professional as their images look. Any photographer worth their fee will be able to answer any questions you have and provide you with a written contract that assures the level of coverage you will receive for your money; from start/end times to approximately how many images you will receive and in what format. This way you know your money is in safe hands! So now you have some ideas of what to look out for to find the perfect wedding photographer for you! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and happy hunting! Beth x


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