This is me, I have a lot of hobbies. They include but are not limited to; rollerskating, baking, crochet, drawing, paper crafts, and being adventurous. My enthusiasm wears big chunky boots and has a loud laugh. My nature is warm, friendly, and a bit silly. If you catch me on a wedding shoot day I will have a permanent smile.
In fact, one of the many reasons I love to photograph weddings is that they make my cheeks ache from the first shot during wedding prep all the way through to editing that last photo.
I live in Cardiff with my lovely supportive partner and eclectic collection of pets. I love to travel (doesn't everyone?) and my family are a huge part of my life. 

My shooting style is pretty quick when it comes to getting those posed shots, opting for action prompts more frequently than scripted poses and the rest of the time I like to blend into the background and grab those candids. 

If you're thinking about booking but arent 100% sure please feel free to contact me to answer any questions completely pressure-free, I'm always up for a chat.